Homemade Dress (On a budget)

So I witness hundreds of fashion blogs all of the time, while searching the world wide web. Most of the styles are just dazzling. However there is always a set back….. the price.

Whether they are modeling for an $280 (203.49 euros) shirt, or maybe even making a dress that has fabric worth about $50 (36.34 euros), I realize that sometimes this is way out of my fashion budget…..

So, I have modernized myself (well technically you could also think of it as de-modernizing) and am taking up the restructuring of clothing. A few days ago I went to a local thrift shop for the first time. My eyes are now open to the world! I was thinking to myself, as I saw chiffon shirts for $1(.73 E)  and silk blouses for 3 (2.18 E), “WOW this is my Disneyland. “

Back to making a dress…..

Today I will show you how to make an inexpensive dress out of just two old shirts of your liking. Now these certain instructions  pertain to my shirts specifically, but you can follow the directions and make simple adjustments as needed.




Ingredients (yes, ingredients.) :

  • Two blouses/shirts. It works best when their waist size fit your own.
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine (Substitute with a very talented hand sewer)
  • Sewing Pins
  • A smile! (please don’t leave, I just want to spread happiness?!)




  1. These are my two shirts. I want the top shirt to be the top of my dress and the bottom of the second shirt to be the skirt of my dress. Depending on the shirts you choose, you may have to finagle the ways you make your skirt.

      ***(My skirt is see-through so I will also be adding a lining. If you also have a see through shirt, please consult to the bottom post before moving onto step 4)***


    2. Cut off the top of your shirt, from under the arm pits all of the way around. It should look like the above photo. The waistband already had elastic in it, so it is basically already a perfect skirt. If yours does not have an elastic and you want it to, click here to see how. (Elastic is inexpensive, and you can get in anywhere, even WalMart.)


   3. Customize your other shirt the way you want to. You can fix the neckline by just simply cutting. You can also make short sleeves by cutting off to the length you want. If you wish for a tank top look, just cut along the top line of the sleeve and ta-da!


   4. This step is optional. If your shirt is to big for you, you can alter it. Mine was about an inch too wide, so on each side of the shirt I pinned a half inch away from the end, as you can see from above. This is actually pretty easy. All you have to do now is sew a straight line along the pins. This will create a new edge of the shirt, and you can cut of the excess fabric.  Please comment any questions if this step is confusing or click here for more detail.


   5. Turn both of your shirts inside out! (don’t get confused by the random grey shirt, it is actually the purple blouse. Ignore the color change) Align the sides together and pin the waist of the top shirt to the waist of the bottom skirt. If the waist lines are different sizes, you are going to have to do some more re-sizing. Once they are perfectly aligned, sew a straight line connecting the top and the bottom!!


6. Turn the dress right side out, and ta-da!! You have an inexpensive, but professionally amazing dress! All of your friends and family will be beggin’ to know where you got it and how much it cost. Aren’t you going to feel great when you say you got it for barely nothing and you made it?! Or… you could say it was the last one and it was on sale at Tommy Hilfiger’s….


I adore it!!!  Let me know if you like this tutorial, or if you have any questions at all. Thanks for visiting:)







1. I just used an old shirt I found in my closet. Ignore the blurr.


2. Cut off the top of your lining shirt so it also resembles a skirt. Flip your shirt skirt (refer to the purple one) inside out and place the lining skirt around it. Pin the lining waistline to the skirt waistline. Now just simply sew a straight line across. Flip right-side out and you have a lined skirt! For more information on lining, click here.








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